Conferencia sobre Latinoamerica en UCL London

Centre for Law and Economics (Public Policy Section)

Competition Law in a Global Context: Competition Law and Policy in Latin America

About this event:

This event will be divided in two parts. Part one will provide a critical assessment of the enforcement of competition law in some key jurisdictions in Spanish-speaking Latin America focusing on cartel enforcement (in particular leniency policy), abuse of dominance, the intersection of competition law and regulation, merger control, private enforcement (including private actions for antitrust damages).

The second part will discuss horizontal approaches, including convergence and harmonisation of competition laws across Latin America, the influence of European and US models of Competition law (substance and enforcement) and the development of specific Latin American models.

The event will also discuss the following issues:

The scope of competition law in Latin America: has it expanded? What are the areas that are still exempted from the application of competition law (the ones that tend to be different than in the EU or the US)?

How are competition law principles integrated in all areas of public action?

What would competition advocacy achieve in these jurisdictions?

Is the judicial and regulatory system (institutions) adequate for a sophisticated and ecomomically oriented competition law?

What is the degree of discretion that is recognized to competition authorities? How due process is preserved? In particular for foreign firms. Suggestions for reforms.

How does the level of economic development and broader culture affect the application of competition law?


  • Chair: Ioannis Lianos (UCL)
  • Paulo Montt (University of Santiago, Partner: Ferrada Nehme)
  • Javier Tapia (University College London, OFGEM)
  • Julian Pena (University of Buenos Aires, Partner: Allende & Brea)
  • Juan David Gutierrez (Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia))
  • Pablo Marquez (Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia))


Registration from 4.30pm

Seminar: 5pm

Drinks reception: 7pm